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What is a dragon?  I guess that depends on who you talk to.  The word itself has been used to strike fear in nearly every person as they imagined themselves confronted with a huge dragon, inhaling as much air as possible, getting ready to burn you to the ground. Some will say it is a creature that doesn't exist except in the minds and fantasies of humankind.  Other will say that it is a mysterious, magical creature long gone from our world.  Most will tell you that it's a legendary animal that existed in the folklore and stories of Europe and Asia.  They are described as being large and quite lizard like.  That they breathe fire and have scaly, long tails.  If you believe those legends of Europe, the dragons are ferocious beasts. Creatures to be avoided at all costs, or killed upon sight. Yet if you read the accounts from Asian stories they are generally considered to be friendly and that they will bring good luck and wealth.   

In most  legends that come from Europe, dragons were said to live in very wild, remote areas of the world.  Supposedly they held treasures within their dens and they guarded them passionately.  If however, a person killed the dragon, he was said to gain all of it's treasure and wealth.  

Have you ever wondered the significance of the dragon in a Chinese New Year's Day parade?   The people dress in the image of the dragon in the belief that it will stop evil spirits from spoiling the new year.  

Whether the evil, vicious beasts of European legend, or the friendly barer of good luck of the Asian lands, Dragons have become a fascination of many people throughout history.  

Now, you must realize that there was more than one kind of dragon, and it's said that each had it's own typical personality.  Listed here are some of those:

DEEP RED: Strong willed and passionate, when the put their mind to something there is no stopping them.

DARK GREEN: These dragons are more in tune with nature, very caring and excellent healers.

PURPLE: Dramatic and vibrant, can be a little snobby sometimes.

YELLOW: A color to match their sunny personalities. Cheerful and up beet but sometimes, these dragons are a little bit to carefree. They are always willing to lend a hand they are a little too egotistical.

WHITE: Kind and modestly elegant but are quite shy.

LIGHT GREEN: Fidgety by nature, these dragons are always alert and not happy unless they are busy.

LIGHT BLUE: They are spacey and their head is always in the clouds, but very friendly.

ORANGE: These optimistic, artistic dragons are quick-witted but have a short temper at times.

ROSE: Although rather submissive, these dragons have great ideas and look at the world though rose-colored glasses. 

BLUE: Deeply intelligent, these dragons hate to be interrupted when they are thinking. Loving to read and good at magic.


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