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         Code of Honor         


A knight is sworn to valor.

His heart knows only virtue.

His blade defends the helpless.

His might upholds the week.

His word speaks only truth.

His wrath undoes the wicked





Knight's Code of Chivalry


Fair Play

Never attack an unarmed foe

Never attack from behind

Never cheat

Avoid torture


Exhibit self discipline

Show respect for authority

Obey the law

Administer justice

Administer mercy





Exhibit courage in word and deed

Avenge the wronged

Defend the weak and innocent

Fight with honor

Never abandon a friend, ally, or noble cause





Always keep one's word

Always maintain one's principles

Never betray a confidence or comrade

Avoid deception

Respect Life





Exhibit manners

Be polite and attentive

Be respectful of host, authority and women





To God, Sovereign, Country and the Code of Chivalry