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A Caged Spirit
A beautiful Princess,  Is trapped in a cage,  So much sorrow,  So much rage.
She can't get out,  Or so it seems.  She needs to love,  She needs to dream.
But how to open,  That sealed door?  There must be a way,  For her to soar?
A key somewhere,  That she must find,  But where to look,  Or find a sign?
She ponders this question,  Day and night,  But always the answer,  Is out of her sight,
A knight rides by,  And sees her there,  She thinks he's another,  That will not care,
She turns away,  And starts to cry,  And shouts to the heavens,  Why? Why? Why?
I have always been gentle,  I have always been kind,  Why do I suffer?  Why must I be blind?
The knight dismounts,  And falls to his knees,  In front of the cage,  And says, "Princess, please...."
"I am the one,  Who has sought you so long,  Let us talk for a while,  Let me sing you a song."
Through many long nights,  They would talk and listen,  'Til the morning dew,  Would start to glisten.
They awoke one morning,  And knew it was true.  That love had blossomed,  And hope was renewed.
"I will find a way,"  He said to his bride,  "To open this door,  And cast it aside."
"And when I do,  And you are free,  Never again,  Will there be need for a key."
"You will always be cared for,  you will always be loved.  I Swear on my soul,  And all that's above"
He reached for the door,  And pulled on it's latch,  But the door would not give,  For his strength was no match.
"We must wait for awhile,  Until the hour is right.  Time must pass,  'Til we can see the light"
"I can wait no longer."  She spoke with a tear.  "It has been too many hours,  Too many years"
"My heart is weary,  And longs to be Free,  My strength has left me,  But I will wait with thee."
"If you promise to love me,  And stay by my side,  One day I will join you,  And away we will ride"
"I need you, my Princess,  And with you I will stay,  For as long as it takes,  For us to see that day"
"And when that day comes,  And we are as one,  Our joy will embrace us,  Like the warmth from the sun."
"And never again,  Will your heart be weary,  Your eyes will be bright,  Your smile will be cheery"
"I will complete you,  As you complete me.  And our love will continue,  Unbridled.....and Free"

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