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And so our life in Camelot continued.   Sharing a love so vast nothing could rival it.   We would meet in the shadows.....holding hands, touching softly, and whispering our words of devotion.  Beneath the shimmering glow of the moon and stars we would transcend time and space and become one.   Tho he maintained his role of Knight to those damsels he had once taken under his wing.......his love, his heart were mine.......and I cherished him with all that was me.
Notes of Love.......sweet sentiments spoken from the heart were deliverd by Pegasus into my hearts safe keeping.
Across space and time our love grew ever stronger..... reaching out to touch each other in the depths of our souls.....neither of us whole without the other....... linked together for eternity.
My precious Knight and I always will.
For in truth what is a Knight without his heart's Lady......... and pray tell what would a Lady be without the Knight of her desires.

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