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The sun has come into my heart and soul resurrected from the darkened ashes.....My precious Knight has embraced  me once again and I bask in the radiant warmth of him.    I know our love pains him, and yet he comes to me...suffering in a way that only true love knows.
Distant Glances
Like a rising Venus you entice
In form,
In body,
In a dream
You entrap my darkest desires
So far away
Yet ever ready for my touch
At a distant glance
Within my waking fantasies
How I wish I could throw away the distance
And tonight you coud be mine.
Quietly, in the darkness, drifting in dreams,
Glittering stars chase endless moon beams
And while the moon crosses the velvet black sky,
Thoughts of you in my mind, in sleep I sigh.
Drifting away in deepening silence, the night,
Your arms steal around me, holding me tight.
We are so far apart, but our souls touch so near
Barely a whisper, in dreams, your gentle voice I hear.
Comes the dawn, I awaken, unfolds a new day,
I've been Drifting in Dreams the whole night away.
The morning sun rises, Roses kissed by the dew,
I've been Drifting in Dreams... just Loving You.
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The fluttering of my heart can not be stilled for he has opened  to me fully...... unconditionally.   A new depth of trust, honesty, and honor surrounds us in the gentle folds of eternity.    I tremble at the love I hear flowing from his sweet lips.....the soulful tones of his voice caress my senses.  Begone my fears.............Enter sweet ecstacy and forever take us to the heights, the depths of our true desires and passions.  For we are one, forever and eternally.
Sir Knight I pledge thee my undying love for now and all eternity............
I take thy hand in adoration.... placing into your gentle keeping..............
My soul.....and all that I am.
For you and you alone hold the key that unlocks all within.

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