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In your world I roam
In rainforest lands we stalk one another
Taking turns as prey
Delighting as predator
Your velvet claws drape my back
With hungry, animalistic intensity
Feeding on you
I mount the height of your darkest desire
And enter into a world of no turning back
As the steam rises in this land
I have hunted my velvet tigress
And she has devoured me
With my blessings........................
    He came into my life out of  the shadows of a dark and lonely night.    The first words he spoke to me were that he heard my soul call out to him and draw him to my side.   My mysterious and wonderous Knight in shining armor had felt my despair on the winds of the night and had come to bring me peace and add a touch of the suns warmth into my life.
Upon the mighty wings of Pegasus he travels the night sky.   Swiftly and surely she guides him to my side.

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