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A Knight's Voice
Tonight an angel spoke to me
a smile upon his lips I did see.
He gave to me a gift so rare
The daring Knight with the piercing stare
His words were soft and very soothing,
I swear to God the earth was moving.
The tones were like a piece of art,
The gallant Knight's voice had touched my heart.
And as I sleep and head to dreams,
my mind on only him it seems,
hands so tender slowly seek
to rest upon the precious Knight's cheek.
I draw in close and hear the spell
of a voice that rings true as a bell.
I sigh with every heartfelt breat....
Then kneel in surrender at my dear Knight's feet.
And thus I surrendered my heart and soul to the gallant Knight.  Placing my tender emotions into his care.
The magical web thee doth spin,
with thy words of love,
you have drawn me in....
I dream of your eyes,
of your face.......
Fantasize of our special place.
A place that only we both know....
Our own private Camelot, where we can go....
Up ahead see the glow of the lights, the gate
It is there on my horse, that I wait.....
Come to Camelot with your knight...
and set my heart and soul in flight.
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Our journey to Camelot took my breath away, such was the romantic nature of my Knight.    The warmth of his embrace kept the chill away......the strength of his love kept me safe......and the fire that burns inside him ignited the dying embers of a once dying heart.

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