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These candles represent my love that still burns brightly...... my arms forever open to welcome you, my cherished Knight back into the warmth of my embrace.
The tears flow freely not only from my eyes but from my heart and soul.......for a love that has been taken from me.....leaving me empty.
Dear Ladies and Damsels this I ask of you........should you run across my playful Knight, whether by day or the early morning hours, treart him kindly.......hold him dear to your heart.........and please, remind him that there is one who shall love him through eternity...... that wishes him well........and who's arms remain empty awaiting his return, no matter how brief the moments are......for any time with him is Paradise.    And now I leave you, lost and barren.  The tattered remains of my heart and soul cast aside on the winds of time.   I am but a Knight's cast aside Lady, and without him......I am nothing at all.      May God, man, and my Knight Forgive me.
Fantasy Alive
Every inch of your body I ache for
Intimate tastes of you
Building to new heights
Fanning flames of immaculate lust
You know I want you
You knew that ages ago
I am sorry I have let you down
Not been the dream you wished
The reality you desired
I tried
I failed
But I love you
                                                                                       Sir Bob
To my Knight, my Love......Now and heart burns for you..........I LOVE YOU!

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This page is in remembrance of a Lady who's greatest fault was loving too deeply a Knight that ripped her heart from her chest and shredded her soul, destroying the person that she was.    Yet she awaits him still, her arms ever open to embrace him once again.
Please do not despair or be saddened by the love between this glorious Knight and his Lady......... for you see........our love continues and grows.    Continue our journey and rejoice with us.