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Eventually the love grew too strong within the beloved Knight and his heart grew heavy.......for you see tho the Lady held his heart.....he belonged to another......thus keeping them apart but for their stolen moments in Camelot.   The dragon of misery, Scarlet, came into their once joyous surroundings and began to tear apart the foundation of all they had built together.
As the mighty Scarlet approaches Pegasus, her wings spread and she takes flight.......carrying the precious Knight away...leaving his Lady behind, her gentle sobbing echoing in his ears.
Bedtime Prayer
Now as I lay me down to sleep
at the end of another day,
I lay my head in trembling hands
and tears fall as I pray.
Dear God, unworthy as I seem
I ask one thing of thee...
Bless the one I love tonight,
help him remember me.
Dear God He's only human,
so when the day is done,
he may be lonely, as I am,
and turn to some other one.
Just help him keep me in his heart
Until we meet again.
For even though we're far apart,
I LOVE Him God........AMEN!!!!!
Knight's Dark Love
You came to me in the darkness of night
bringing a precious love that felt so right.
Your twinkling eyes, those dazzling smiles
the man that you are with no deceptive wiles.
I gave my trust, I surrendered my heart,
believing your words that we'd never part.
You took a lost part of me and made me whole,
the day I laid in your hands my tender soul.
We basked in a love so strong and true.
How could I know the torment you went through.
My love was too deep, my emotions too strong,
I didn't sense there was anything wrong.
And when the morning sun did rise
I searched your face, looked deep in your eyes.
The pain I felt drove straight to my core,
I realized you didn't want me anymore.
I offered you friendship, I begged and I pleaded.
Still you turned from me and slowly retreated.
You closed the door,
not knowing my love would hurt you no more.
Dear Knight you've left me pain,
but your Lady will not follow, there's naught to gain.
Just feel the love I have, feel it with all your might....
draw strength and courage, discard all fright.
I leave in your care all I am, have been or will be
As at Angels feet I kneel, begging them to set me free.
Asking forgiveness, praying for blessed release.
Knowing without you I'll never have peace.
Laying my aching soul to rest, no strength to carry on,
I look into the heavenly skies and see the morning dawn.
A darkness settles over me, I feel it's chilling fingers.
My spirit sinks into the abyss and life no longer lingers.
Copyright 1998
And so it came about, the mighty Knight set out to destroy Scarlet and rid himself of the misery.........unable to bare any longer the torment of not being able to be at his Lady's side.  Leaving her unprotected and heartbroken......her bleeding soul ripped from her chest.......vibrant no longer.....only the shell remains as all that she was leaves with him.      He left a missive to tell her of his departure, he could not bring himself to face her:
Not For A Moment
A goal
A dream
A future
For as long as I know
I have felt the desire to be with you
The thought of you completes me
The mention of your name enflames me
But I have chosen another path
A different road to travel
A have no parting gift for you
In my eyes you held the joys
Of infinite tomorrows.
But I must go
So in my heart and soul
As I travel the lands so far away
Know that each and every moment
Had been golden in my eyes
And never has regret crossed me
Not for a moment.
         Goodbye Sweet

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